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Simple Traffic Solutions 2019 – How To Get Free Traffic

Simple Traffic Solutions 2019 – How To Get Free Traffic Peer traffic versus free traffic which is best Will come with me, and I will show you exactly. Why free traffic is the way to go Just give me one second just lock my front door Okay, so we’re gonna get in the car and We’re gonna go for a little Drive into the office so let me just get in the car So and they said Piedra traffic versus free traffic and I want to start by telling you a little story I Have tried all of the PIO traffic techniques out there just about every single one and Sometimes If I was lucky I brought a van sometimes but most of the time, I lost money and And then one dear Google Decided to ban me overnight the night this happened it actually yeah It happened when there was a lot of marketers banned literally overnight, and I’m sure you’ve heard of girl slaps And basically, that’s what happened.

Yeah, simply Didn’t want internet marketers type of business they didn’t want him on our business or two things happened you either got banned or Your PA per click campaigns were priced so high that you just simply couldn’t Pia for the clicks. You know Clicks went from something like fifty cents to ten dollars per click. It just wasn’t worth doing and so Google for me has never really worked and I Haven’t really found anyone who made a success of Google AdWords any internet marketer or anyone who? Does what we do? And haven’t really found anyone who’s got that to work consistently And for the amount of time and effort you have to put in a set Campion’s up Testings get ads approved. You know is it really really worth it and it’s a sim with Facebook and in fact I predict the big Facebook slap coming it’s getting harder and harder to get ads approved and The Facebook ad system if you’ve ever gone in there You know you you’re looking at your Facebook account and Facebook will tell you yeah, make money promoting your pH, and you go, okay? I’ll have a look and it’s crazy.

It’s crazy. How complicated it is So peer traffic for me was not an option because for one Google banned me and for two Facebook were making it absolutely impossible So I’m going to show you when we get to my office. I’m going to show you why? Free traffic is a weird ago, and how free traffic has Generally basically enabled me to earn millions and millions of dollars online so when we get to the office I’ll show you exactly how I do it Welcome to the office and Before we jump on the computer, and I just want to stop and explain what happened after Google ban me and Basically I could no longer pay for traffic because back then when it actually happened Facebook advertising wasn’t really as big as it is now so I literally had to start learning how to generate traffic on my own and The thing is this was a blessing in disguise because had Google not bind me I would have kept trying to find ways to media traffic work So I basically had to learn how to drive my own traffic all my business was going to the field and that is exactly What I did so when we jump on the computer.

I’m going to show you exactly the sort of results I get Driving my own traffic Okay now we are on the computer. I just want to show you some Various traffic stats from some of my websites now the stats we are looking at here are for my domain John Thornhill calm Most of these visitors are going to my blog not all of these visitors But most of these visitors are hitting my blog and you can see you morse months It’s quite consistent apart without a little you know Ronnie.

We’re not all the way through September, but yet. It’s a Morse months It’s usually around the the twenty Thousand visits per month mark so I mean that’s about what that was six seven hundred visitors per tear all 100% free traffic I hits you know a lot of that hits my blog And when people get to my blog obviously they read the content I’ve got to distribute and you know the articles I write except. I put a lot of the stuff I write does Conti and affiliate links which then goes to affiliate related offers and Also, I promote my own products and services there so obviously all of this traffic is highly highly valuable traffic and a lot of that traffic turns in to sales And I also want to show you The traffic stats for similar traffic solutions calm the site. You are on right this minute You know you know you are one of these visitors That’s showing up when they status right now and again And this is quite consistent around the five thousand dollar mark we had a big spike in August I’m guessing and we had a lot of affiliate traffic that month, but The thing I want to point out here is I do nothing to get this traffic nothing at all and this traffic just comes in and Obviously a lot of our traffic is turned into sales again it is 100% Free traffic okay, and I do want to show you this stuff as well.

This is from a full of products I’ve been promoting for a number of years so here And this is for day nine hosting and it’s a hosting company that I use and I recommend now because of my recommendations I you know I drive traffic to day nine From various places obviously my gonna disclose everything on this video because that’s what you have to do That’s what you’ll learn once you get inside simple Traffic Solutions But um you know there’s numerous locations that I’m sending traffic from on on autopilot I don’t lift a finger and you can see I sent seventeen thousand three hundred nineteen clicks to day nine and I managed to get one thousand four hundred twenty five customers after near point two or three percent conversion and The important thing you need to see let me just I don’t show you everything here But damn you know Thirty six thousand four hundred seventy dollars in commissions that I have been peered okay again.

This is from 100% free traffic and remember this is just one of the many many officer time promoting and I also want to show you my seals on jvzoo walk here, and this is my the talk of sales admin on jvzoo and I’ve been using jvzoo for around three years now, and you can see we’ve done over half a million dollars in sales We drove eight hundred and sixty Thousand visitors that have generated over thirty thousand seals Again, I must stress. This is 100% free traffic And if you just look down the right-hand side you can see You know the amount of money a lot of this traffic is making or care And you know silly amounts of money that obviously adds up to over half a million dollars, and that’s just as a vendor on jvzoo Also as an affiliate on jvzoo i’ve generated over four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, so i’ve actually generated over 1 million dollars in total sales on jvzoo again three hundred and seventy seven Thousand visitors, so I’ve drove well over 1 million visitors through the govt zoo platform again our 100% free traffic and again if I scroll down and see You know lots and lots of things and I you know I promoted and sold over the years ok so remember the thing I want to stress here is and All of the traffic that I generate is 100% free ok inside simple Traffic Solutions, you will learn Every single traffic generation technique that I use ok you learn how I’m driving traffic to govt zoo office You’ll learn how I’m driving the traffic to and the d9 affiliate offer You’ll see how I get their thousands and thousands of hits per month to my website Everything is revealed inside similar traffic solutions So hopefully this is going to convince you to jump on board and hopefully I’m going to see you inside the simple Traffic Solutions members area

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