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How can you build a massively relevant online audience with SEO?

(upbeat music) – So this video today is going to be about how to build an audience for your site. Now, the best way to do this is quite simply this create maker useful content, stuff that’s informative, things which make your audience’s life easier, they make people laugh et cetera, et cetera. If you create content with passion and this passion shows in the quality of your content. Whether it’s an article, video, podcast, or whatever it is, it is going to attract some degree of attention.

Now of course along with that you will need to do a bit of outreach and you’ll have to build connections with people in order to get your website brand out there. Obviously link building is one of the best ways for that but you must, must, must have really good quality content. You know crappy content is not gonna get any attention, no matter if you somehow forced it on a million people. It’s just not gonna work. But great content especially if you aim to make it the you know, the best version of that subject in the world. You look to everything that was ranking at the top, you make something even better than it, you know it could go viral. But the right content piece, even if you, if you just showed it to a few people it can have an extremely large benefit. Here’s one of the extras, creating quality content takes time.

And I know time is not a resource that everybody has a lot of. Unfortunately as required for that stuff you want a solid SEO strategy. Something that’s gonna build you a decent sized audience. You know it doesn’t have to be huge but it needs to be, the audience needs to be high quality, it needs to be relevant to your business or your products. Then you need to invest in creating some kind of value for that audience. But if you can provide that value in whatever form it is they will stay loyal to you, I promise you that. I hope that video helped. I’ve got plenty of other content which dives a lot deeper into content but it’s just something you really need to focus on. It’s gonna be the key to building a lot of traffic. I hope today’s video helped and obviously if you have any questions just ask me and keep an eye out for the next video. Have a great day. .

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