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But you wanted us to be close even closer more closer now we’re much closer to you as we can be found in the Instagram then you can always find tons of interesting and fresh stuff fresh snaps from conferences player Tech events and some captions of the internal life of the company don’t hesitate to follow most interesting updates and unique offers are waiting for you there then Inc will as usual be in the description we would like to proceed with of course stream apocalypse contest the warm-up stage has ended and we now have our winners amazing Carol is on the top of the leaderboard with over 75 thousand points gathered mr. Luda Baer who managed to gain almost 68,000 to the second place and the third place goes to Ozzy with the result of 44 and a half thousand points it’s also important to point out that all participants got their prizes winners received from 700 to $2,000 and the prices already reached their owners we congratulate the winners who took the prize places and discovered streaming with play attack we wish good luck to them as well as to other streamers participating in the qualifier stage of the race there is begun recently and now another dose of congratulations from our team goes to streamer Daniel we want to congratulate the streamer and platic affiliate Daniel with his birthday dear Janel from all our team we wish you biggest twins ever good luck and egg and OSHA chili buddy would never ever get sick and some news from China Chinese police arrested 17 suspects who as police claims had organized an illegal online gambling spot where the revenue reached 100 million yuan which is equivalent to almost 15 million dollars the suspects attracted players through chats on social media platforms and organized virtual poker rooms that had been active since May 2017 bets ranged from 2,000 to 5,000 yuan per player while 5% of the biggest wins would be taken by the gank themselves police keeps on intercepting illegal gambling in Asia last month 267 people were arrested in Hong Kong for organizing and maintaining such things be careful with Chinese traffic guys because gambling in China both offline and online may result in criminal prosecution with subsequent lifelong conviction or even death sentence let us leave China in alone we continue the celebration of the birthday of slot V straight from the party of our super reporter Jackie goes live Oh sweetie made a complete blow away here and prepared amazing gifts for their dear participants 100,000 years in total take part in the big tournaments lotteries derby or enter the holiday cake raffle between March 27th and April 13th Slattery’s birthday is a tournament with 70,000 years prize farmed where participants gain points also there is a chance to win prizes in Baris nominations big swing the biggest amount of Rao’s play the biggest multiplier all winners will receive goods from the capital hoodies t-shirts and tips holiday cake raffle is a chance to win a MacBook Pro exclusive smartphones Samsung Galaxy fault galaxy has ten plus and also as Samsung Galaxy watch don’t miss the celebration will give away thanks chickie I’ll be there soon save some apple juice for me only onion juice for you made

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