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Website Traffic 101 – How to Get More Traffic To Your Website (Training 1)

Welcome welcome to this first training in a 12-week training series that we will be doing, Sarah and I will be doing here inside the Facebook group where we will be talking about ten ways to double your sales before the end of 2018 by basically increasing your traffic and we will do this 12 weeks in a row, every Tuesday, traffic Tuesday, at CET and EFT here inside the group so before I continue I want to check that it’s working this time, Sarah did you see if it’s working ? let’s make sure it’s working. No let me check, yes it’s working! Perfect.

Quick introductions: my name is Paulien Pierik, I’m from the Netherlands and I am a business coach and e-commerce strategist and I help e-commerce entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Hi I am Sarah Zammit Testa I’m from Malta, so quite a bit far away from you Paulien I am a digital marketing strategist and I supported and empower women entrepreneurs to grow their business online through coaching and also through done for you services. Thank you well I think it’s very nice that Sarah and we will be doing this together because we have kind of nice additional perspectives, so I will be looking at things more from let’s say strategic perspectives: how do all the topics fit together and also from the e-commerce perspective and Sarah is really knowledgeable when it comes to everything digital marketing, so if you have any questions I am sure she will be able to answer them.

So I’m really happy to have her here in the group and I think it is going to be really really valuable. So why did we decide to do trainings and why did we decide to talk about traffic? I did a poll here in the group and I asked every one of you what would you like to see more of in the group and also what is your biggest struggle. And many of you said I would like to see more trainings and many of you said my biggest struggle is either getting more traffic or getting more leads if you’re a service based business or getting more sales. So that’s why I came up with the idea to do a training on increasing your traffic and I had a little chat with Sarah about doing a training or an expert interview, something like that and I think within about 10 minutes we came up with a list of 12 topics.

We thought each of these topics needs its own training and we didn’t even include SEO at all so I think if we add that we can do 12 more trainings. so that’s why we have a training series instead of just one training and the training series from next week will have kind of this similar format every week. we’ll be talking about why this traffic source is important, how it fits into your strategy, how you can get started if you’re new to the topic, and the keys to success and then at the end Sarah will be answering all your questions. and today we wanted to do kind of a quick introduction of the topic traffic: why is it important for entrepreneurs, what is traffic, what do we mean when we talk about traffic, why should you care, what are the different sources of traffic, how are they different, and what do you need to understand about traffic in order to get started with the topic, um yeah I think that’s the introduction. are you ready to dive in Sarah? I am! so maybe we can start with the first question and that is why should entrepreneurs care about traffic? okay very very simple question but very important question yes entrepreneurs care about traffic because without traffic they don’t have visibility and without traffic through their website people their target audience our target market their potential clients will not be able to find out information about who they are what products they have and they won’t have a chance to purchase their products so even though you might have for example a good following on social media you’re gaining visibility on social media you stop there and that’s that’s a limit.

You need people to come to your website. so that is why traffic is important because without traffic you won’t get sales. so you need your potential clients, people who are within your target audience, to whatever source whatever platform online and digital marketing you’re using to grow your visibility you need to get those people through your website because that is where they will find out more about you. they’ll be able to fill out your your if you have a newsletter for example that is where they can sign up to receive more information about you if you have a special offer that is where they can find out if you have programs that you’re selling that is where they’re gonna buy them so you need traffic on your websites will be able to make sales and to grow your business so that is why traffic is extremely important and that is why it’s important to have your own visibility and your website and your platforms of your own because again another point I want to mention you know um being visible on social media is extremely important from having a Facebook page but you don’t own that so you either website and need people to come to your website.

So social media is not enough? no no it’s a very good at a very important part of your digital marketing strategy but it shouldn’t end there. it should reveal you know we’re gonna focus on social media and that’s it. it’s going to play a very important role depending on who you are and what your products are, who your target audience is, you will be able to then decide which platforms to focus on or social media plus obviously there’s Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin snapchat Instagram but you know you cannot be a everywhere so you need to focus and decide on where you want to be. Social media is not enough. You need people to come on your website to engage with you, to become your your clients to become your customer and for you to acquire also even if perhaps they’re not ready to purchase from you yet you give them an opportunity to become a lead by signing up for a newsletter so you can then follow up yourself.

So and why do you think, this is something that really intrigues me why do you think that in like the Facebook groups we are in and the whole online space everybody is talking about social media but very few people are talking about traffic. why is that? um I think because everyone is on social media so everyone’s on Facebook everyone has a Facebook, page everyone is now has a Facebook Group, which is all you know part of a great and good social media marketing strategy but perhaps not everyone is aware of the potential there is when having you know a good web site where you can drive traffic to it from different sources so maybe that might be one of the reasons perhaps they are unaware of the potential of other sources so they focus just on social media and also especially with Facebook with the recent algorithm changes that has that have been happening you know Facebook page is gaining less reach Facebook videos being more popular and there’s a shift kind of to keep people in facebook so all the activity is trying to has been within Facebook and within social media not to get people off it, so I think everyone’s on it just because everyone is trying to grow the biggest groups the biggest pages but perhaps they don’t know the potential of traffic sources from an email list, the potential of traffic sources from search engine optimization and other traffic sources.

So that is why I think. so maybe it’s like a lack of knowledge that this is important too. I think so yeah I personally think maybe it’s also because there is kind of a myth that for if you want to be successful online, social media is the thing you need to focus on, that’s what many gurus talk about yeah and that’s why people get the impression that that is the only thing . It is not the only thing it’s part of a bit of a bigger picture obviously social media is part of a very big place a very important role and a big role in the effective digital marketing strategy and has the potential to drive in a lot of leads and a lot of traffic.

Yeah. you know there’s no social media it’s not the end of digital marketing strategies just to start so maybe a lack of knowledge people don’t aren’t aware maybe they aren’t around how they can drive traffic from other sources and maybe they think it’s too complicated to to jump on and and implement because you know everyone pretty much has a facebook profile right so everyone is familiar with social media so just because they’re familiar with social media they think they can make it work for a business and make it but you know so they don’t see beyond that and especially when we talk about search engine optimization this new thing they think about landing pages but then it gets a little bit over complicated for perhaps and they you know people are sticking with social media primarily yeah so that’s what we are going to do in this 12 trainings right we are going to try to make the traffic thingy less scary and less overwhelming learn how to understand how you should focus on traffic next to social media exactly place a huge yeah not important so now we’re going to be talking about social media strategies of it in these 12 weeks but yet so we’re going to be talking about different things as well if you can implement which will bring you traffic and will bring you more targeted traffic obviously we don’t just want any traffic to our website they want the right people who are interested in what we have to do and what we have to offer to be there yeah yeah maybe to add to that because we set the goal of this training series is for you to double your traffic by the end of to buy your sales by the end of 2018 and you can do that by doubling your traffic but only if the traffic is relevant so it is just any traffic that traffic won’t buy it’s it needs to be relevant traffic and that’s also what we will be covering how can you go get good quality traffic to your website so those people will actually buy and you can actually double your sales by doubling your track and yeah so why do little people talk about traffic maybe because it’s a less sexy topic also social media perhaps I think because everyone is just focused on social media and social media I mean the most important role of social media so get people from social media onto your website to capture your needs and capture your sales but I mean not only the entrepreneurs but also their people who teach yeah yes I think it’s because maybe it’s a big thing it’s easier to teach I guess and to focus on social media because that’s the hype right now and then again social media is an important part of it just a marketing strategy and it will bring you a lot of traffic but you know not just that and again social media what kind of social media what channels to choose and there needs to be discussion about that as well and that is something that will also go to cover in the coming weeks to specific platforms depending on what you have to offer to your target audiences yeah I know it’s traffic to your to your site yeah and can we talk a little bit about the different sources of traffic what for example you have paid traffic and free traffic can you talk to us about the difference what is the difference between paid and unfree traffic and when should you use which source okay um obviously free traffic is you know very simple and straightforward is any traffic that he generates that we don’t have to pay for mm-hmm and pay for in the sense of actual you know monetary bills obviously we’ll still have to spend time on building that free traffic and free traffic might come from social media or having a Facebook page having a Facebook group having an Instagram accounts free traffic also includes having your website ranked on in search engines and people finding you on Google and clicking on your link on Google and coming to your website that is organic and that is free free traffic is also traffic that comes from other websites mentioning your brand and linking back to you free traffic comes from you building a list sending out a mailer and having people in your list click on your link in your email and coming onto your website so free traffic is any type of traffic that you get generated that is that is free you don’t have to pay for yeah there are also obviously paid traffic sources that’s our Facebook ad campaign for example Google Ads when you perhaps aren’t ranking yet and you want more visibility for specific keywords you can run who will add so your website this thing is displayed at the top for specific keywords you can around the ad campaigns on specific websites as well let’s say you have a banner showing and displaying on a website that you know your target audience visits on my regular basis so that is the difference between free and paid traffic obviously in a effective digital marketing strategy there is room for both and one of the things people ask me all the time is do I need Facebook Ads you don’t need Facebook Ads no it depends how quickly want the results if you want to I don’t know build a list of 10,000 people in two months in a month unless you know perhaps we’ll need some extra push unless you are very well-connected and get a lot of mentions of places that’s not to say that it cannot be done in an organic and free way but it obviously will take a lot a lot more more efforts so you don’t need a paid campaign it depends how between you want the results obviously and good and effective paid advertising campaign can get you some results quicker quicker so that’s one benefit of doing page campaigns is quickly so more can you get more results by doing paid than by doing organic um not necessarily no no it depends on the ad campaign itself and it depends what kind of organic and free traffic sources you have for example if you’re starting out and you’re just you know launching your website and you have an SEO campaign set up and you’re working on your organic listings all well and good but obviously we all know that good rankings don’t happen overnight they take three to six months to gain so obviously if you want traffic from search engines when you start off your option is to run a Google Ads campaign however if you’re willing to like okay we can we can take our time and we will focus on building organic traffic from social media we wanna focus on that’s working and link building with other sites we’re going to focus on an influencer program perhaps where we content bloggers and we reach out to bloggers and get mentions by doing giveaways by give examples for reviews and building our our links and our organic traffic that way then a paid ad campaign and weights however every wants results more quickly and if there is a budget to invest you know you can run an ad campaign but you don’t need it no obviously if you don’t have a budget and if you don’t want to do it then the and if he still wants a lot of results in a short period of time you have to invest a lot of time in reaching doubts to influencers to build links on social media to next work in groups and your Facebook page and other social networks that you want to you want to participate in you have to invest more time and creating good content on your website to attract your ideal clients it’s obviously the difference and the question is do you need a paid campaign no you don’t but if you want to achieve results in a short amount of time yeah obviously having said that not any paid campaign is good you know if it’s wrong if it’s set up effectively in a good way it will bring you results but otherwise it was just you know not set up the correct way to nothing and also I think if you are sending your ads to a crappy website exactly anything anyway or if you don’t have your list set up to capture those people after they get to the website to a landing page where when they they have to sign up they have to answer ten questions that’s not gonna what I mean to make things I believe in the view you know you’re sending people to your website to purchase products and the checkout process is complicated and enforced let’s say five different page of loaning that’s obviously going to hurt your results and decrease your chances of you know your ad campaigns running a positive ROI you know everything needs to be in place yes I would say you only should do ads if you are sure that everything that comes after that is working so if you’re sure that you can sell on your website if you’re sure you have the right product and you have a good checkout process only then should you even consider doing ads and one point about paid advertising there are different advertising campaigns that you can run you can run ads to a cold audience people who have never heard of you and don’t know you and you can run ads to a warmer all these people who have heard of you perhaps this tutorial website already or they have liked your page or they’re part of your group for example running a campaign towards a warmer audience usually brings better results so we will let’s say you want to run a paid ad campaign to speed things up you can start building them using the Facebook pixel for example and even Google Ads have retargeting options through their pixel you can start by investing in ads to warm audiences and that will help you probably get more of an ROI from your ads and because the people you are serving already familiar with you so they’re they already know perhaps they’ve come to your website they’ve seen your product they may be perhaps also ended up on your checkout page or Carney they’ve abandoned it you can target these people on Facebook and on other websites to bring them back so even when we talk about paid advertising campaigns there are the fit that campaigns that you can run to make the most out of your of your ad budget especially if it’s a limited budget yeah and you said if you want to be successful with free traffic you have to at least think over like three to six month period for organic for search engine optimization yes if you are working on building your rankings and you want to rank for a number of keywords it’s all going to happen overnight it will take at least three to six months to know that if you start working out now it doesn’t mean you have results next week if you do the feeling and the thing is you still have to keep on working at it yeah if you’re not seeing results doesn’t mean you don’t you have to stop networking link building getting in touch with influencers stop publishing funds and that is something that you have to keep on living on the consistent basis even though it happened perhaps seen the ranking is improve or you’ve seen them improve but not enough you have to keep on doing that because this is the stuff for us I think us as entrepreneurs we are impatient and we like immediate results so I think this is good to keep in the back of your mind if you want free traffic you need to be patient and have a long term yes free traffic yes yeah that is something that you have to consistently take action especially in the beginning when perhaps you’re seeing little to no results and then once things start moving then you will see the results coming in and a faster quicker way especially when you’re ranking starts improving and you start getting traffic from search engines yeah start to gain more visibility but everything is I think you’re doing in the meantime that’s working all social media grow your social media platforms link building everything combined will help to build your rankings yeah and one other thing we were discussing Sarah is that many entrepreneurs feel like they can never take a break they can never go on holiday because they need to be always working on you know their social media posts and there and getting people to their side and they feel like if they go on a holiday they’re their potential let’s say it dries up right so can you give us some idea are there some traffic sources that you can focus on that actually allow you to I don’t know go on a vacation or take a break with your kids what would you advise or entrepreneurs don’t want to be online 24/7 but still want you to increase their traffic and this is a very big for free free therapy this is something that is cropping up in a lot of discussions even entrepreneurial groups and networking groups online because especially where we talk about social media you know you can check your posts you can pre-plan but with social media for example for it to become very active especially if you’re running your group you have to be there engaging with people and game yeah yeah and you know one point record I think that is if you stop you know the world isn’t going to end if you stop for a few weeks couple of weeks you can go back and you engage it and kick it off again you know so that is something that you know should set people’s minds at rest and but there are other traffic sources that you can work out developing and you can work at building up like for example search engine optimization and rankings once you get those rankings obviously you still need to actively make big links and publish content on your website on your blog I think you stopped doing that for a couple of weeks among your rankings are known to just you know disappear so once again rankings those rankings will bring traffic to your websites on a daily basis without you essentially having to actively on a daily basis work at them okay this is not to say you don’t need to work at retaining them on the longer term yes you yes but you can take like five days off two weeks off and nothing’s gonna happen right so that is why search engine optimization and working at building your organic traffic is essential and then also when battling the email list building if you have a list of targeted potential clients you can was let’s say you’re going to be away from your business for a while he can still share Union Manor support so if you do it on a regular basis you will be receiving your amends and they will still be opening them up and getting one earnings your website right if you are actively building links on websites and popular blogs even if you go on vacation those links are still going to be there yeah people will still be finding you and discovering you through your links and the same with let’s say video marketing on YouTube your videos will still great to know right so read them and they’ll be able to click on your link while you’re on vacation and come to your website so you know focus on exactly building those traffic sources that will stay there and will keep on giving you traffic for free even while you’re away and that will give you time to grow your business as well and focus on perhaps more marketing things that you want to take care of yeah other things that you want they were entrepreneurs right most of us to be able to you know have more of a work-life balance right so yeah and I think this is like a really big benefit of those free traffic sources that you don’t have to be online all the time they once you have them like after that 3 to 6 months period once you have that traffic it’s there and it’s coming in even if you take a week off or even if you take a month off if you take a month off Instagram you will not get any traffic from Instagram during that period maybe a little if people like you your profile but you’re not really speaking you would need to be there every single day commenting posting video once you are found in Google or in Pinterest you get a nice stream of traffic so this is a big big reason to start focusing on those channels exactly big time yeah sorry what you’ve mentioned Pinterest and in fact Pinterest is a very good example of you know social networking sites you know that you can use shed alerts for but you don’t necessarily have to be in there constantly commenting and engaged keep your pinning for the regular and daily basis and there are scheduled areas where you put the respective schedulers that will help you do this and when it’s out for an entire month you can still keep at it and keep up with it without having to constantly be there like for example in a Facebook group where you’re not there you’re invisible yeah and I noticed that I started pinning what I started creating blog post around March and pinning them and I start that now my post from March are are getting me really good traffic so I think for Pinterest is a little bit the same right between three and six months after you start posting you’ll get the traffic it’s that the printer says well yeah when you pin the better but it takes some time until your kind of accounts and your program presents kind of gets that revved up a little bit again you know yeah momentum and again the schedulers help you do that because you know pain to gain a lot of traction from Pinterest you need a lot of things on a daily basis so yeah and I use a scheduler tailwind takes me like five minutes per day maybe even less to schedule the pit and I now get twenty five thousand views per month on my Pinterest so it’s a really easy way to get visible and get traffic for me in only five minutes a day so we will be doing one horse training series Pinterest right yeah um yeah and then one other question I had is how can you know how do you know which traffic source to focus on as an entrepreneur okay this is a very interesting question well and the one traffic swords or maybe a couple of traffic sources that I say you definitely need and you need to focus on are organic traffic so visibility on search engines so whatever anyone else and view each focus on that yes because even though social media is extremely popular everyone’s on social media grounds on Facebook myself included you know the majority of people still go to Google to look for review rules for whatever whether they’re considering the purchase to look for information for whatever they need so instead it’s still the top you know place where people are looking for information so if you’re not there you’re missing out on a very large percentage of people of your potential clients last Google Google+ the mindset and the frame of mind of people finding you on Google as opposed to people finally on social media is completely different why on Facebook you know when you’re looking on Facebook I mean unless you’re doing yourself for a business perspective to promote your business the average person and I’m saying to chat with friends to keep up with you know their network to see what’s going on so they’re not actively looking for something to buy or looking for something unless perhaps let’s say they’re looking for a specific beauty for a restaurant or hotel but that is something specific but the general you know people using social media is there to browse around and they might happen to see your close that leads on twelve nautical that leads onto your website yeah obviously you still get a lot of good traffic from it but the frame of mind of people on the Google they’re actively looking for information for something yes so when they are specifically looking for what you are offering so they’re not just on on you know who’ll be looking for whatever and they don’t really find you you know they’re looking for information about a specific product they’re looking to buy a specific product they’re looking for reduce were specific product so the frame of mind that the people searching on Google is completely different they’re more of a purchasing mode let’s say you know that is why and that reflects in the conversion rates all even though obviously conversion rates for different traffic sources will fluctuate and vary depending on your website depending on the company as a general rule whoever you are the conversion rates of people coming in from organic search is much higher than people coming in from any other traffic source try because people there are are looking for solutions to their problems right how do you know the conversion rate of a traffic Soren you need to get to know the conversion rate of you of a traffic source you need some analytics installed on your website like Google Analytics which is free and very effective and definitely recommend it and when you have Google Analytics set up you need to set up goals so a goal would be someone purchasing your products right and how will Google know this if they end up on that you’re paid your Thank You page or the the page that appears your customers after they’ve purchased completed their order that’s a goal um and Google Analytics will take this information and for every traffic source that you have it will calculate how many goals each traffic source has generated and that gives you the conversion rate so you as you go along with your marketing strategy and driving traffic to your website over time you will start to notice you know that’s a particular traffic sort of trends you will start to talk noticed the traffic specific traffic sources bring you this type of conversion rate and different traffic sources give you other conversion rates perhaps and that will help you identify what traffic source to focus on and Jimmy you have a setting up Google Analytics yes that goals depending on your website but I think on your web store depending on what system you use if you are if you perhaps if you’re someone who hasn’t set this up your website up yourself what we need to talk to your web developer perhaps um Sanderson said this up for me or have to set up or if you’re unsure about that there are freelancers that do these little jobs also the goal tracking so you can actually see how much money you make from each source right that is really important traffic exactly the traffic is important but obviously we want to see which traffic source is bringing in the money yes versus bringing in those people who are really interested in what we have to offer going back to my original point I’m about you know organic traffic and as a general organic traffic always has the highest conversion rate and it’s dream yes and another important you know a traffic source that you must have is your message your list your alignment because that is some that is your asset you know that you’re building over a period of time and that is something that you would always have your list that you can access for free whenever you need by you know sending out an email and these would be people who have already tired of you and you have to receive information from you so whatever you send off an email Feliz your list that brings you a flow of free traffic to your website from people who are a very very warm audience if you remember to add a link inside the email because this is something I see many entrepreneurs forget to just have a nice email and they forget to put a link to the website so if you do that your email list is not going to bring you any traffic right and it needs to be a specific link so I’m gonna tell you thinking about your product of the week or product of the month include the link to that specific product it’s important to make it as easy as possible for you know your online audience find the information that you know your mentioned in talking about because people unless you give them a link they will not go on your website and search for it no unless something they really need but is fund or something like that which yeah I’m just going to quickly check the comments because Vicki is asking will these training videos be available for reference later on yes they will post all the videos here in the group I think I’m going to add them in the unit’s you can find the units on the left hand side any group there is a units with trainings that Sarah is also going to post the training inside her room yeah and probably we will also be repurposing it for subjects so maybe you will see it pop up in some other places too yes so I’m looking at the time because I think we are way over the time no maybe one last question that I think is really interesting is how much traffic there’s a web store owner or meet okay um obviously again this is very much subjective one individual case a general rule of thumb you need especially at least to figure out what your website is performing and how your website is converting you need at least to test it out a thousand visitors to start off with right to have a clear idea of how your website is found where things are they sticking around are people leaving your site are they converting and buying something you know we’re discussing this before for new web source the average conversion rate is 1% right so you can test if you know that conversion rates out with let’s say the first one people that visit your site but again the first hundred people don’t necessarily mean it will follow suit right so we have at least a thousand you have a clear idea of clearer idea of how your website is performing and so this is subjective again once you have your analytics installed your goal set up and you have an idea of how which rate your web site is converting and you know what your goals are your it come down your revenue goes are then depending on your compare engineer if you can see okay you can calculate how many people you need to get to your store your website to get the sales that you need for fun right because asking is that also with a Facebook page I think she means is do I need the same amount of people on a Facebook page like or views on my Facebook page know probably you need more more more because only percentage of the people on the Facebook page will click through to the website right there’s only a very small percentage of people on your Facebook page who will see us your post but they don’t click on it right yeah to get a thousand people from to your website from a post you need for each know a lot of people then you need way way way more fans right because only if you percentage small percentage of offense actually sees the post exactly yes how much depends there is no there is no I have pages of clients that have a hundred thousand lights coming at ten thousand likes and they get some posts get the same amount of lot of clicks of other clients that have thirty five thousand flights so it depends on the content and depends on the tone the time of day depends on your audience so if one day you post let’s say something to your page and that pose gets you 100 clicks your site doesn’t mean the same exact thing tomorrow it’s going to be the same no so unfortunately with Facebook pay because we don’t control how many people are seeing your things and who seen your things your posts we cannot really say ok how much you know but I heard something like like about 5% of all the people who like your page will only see your posts yes and that’s a good and that’s a good like ok you’re doing good if you do really good maybe you get 10% of people who like your page you see your post to see your posts not click on your post that’s not right that is why you need to focus also on organic traffic building your list yeah once you build your list for example then you will start to you build your list and you email your list let’s say on a regular basis for a couple of months then you can start noticing trends and then yes from your own list you know how what to expect and fridges because you controlled your that you control that’s information you culture what you sent them and how many people are or are seeing your messages right with Facebook since you know it’s controlled by Facebook yeah but again don’t get hot you know obsessed about you know how many nights I have it’s important to have lights if your main traffic source and your strategy is to build traffic from Facebook then yes you need a lot of mix but I think in the current environment a Facebook page is not the thing you should focus on if you want study traffic to your website it’s what we will be covering in the coming trainings right other way for example to rather Facebook I don’t run the Facebook ads forget that likes run a Facebook ad to get people to your landing page yeah then you can reach out again to people for free from your list now I have another four do expectation thousand people a month 1000 people a month I would say I think you meant a bit with a 1000 to meant before you can draw any conclusions you I’ve had at least 1,000 people so not a month but in total after you have had 1,000 people you can have an idea of whether your website is converging and which sources are working right that look great it’s comforting because then of you know that your website is covert and gets 3% and it was X amount of sales then you know how much traffic you need to drive in yeah right yeah so and if your traffic is if your conversion is 1% and you have 1,000 visitors you know you will roughly get 10 orders per month that’s math yeah thousand visitors per month yeah yeah so there is a big difference between how much traffic you need and the number of orders you can get and I think this is something that many new entrepreneurs don’t really grasp that you need way more traffic to your website not actual number of orders you can expect like a ratio of order to between 50 and 100 people yeah if you have a website that converts which is something that many new entrepreneurs don’t even have so then maybe you need one order or one thousand people for one order I think those are quite big numbers yeah and thatís why traffic is important obviously usually the more traffic you have but the more sales you have but again you think it’s aa really good traffic yes yeah so yeah and it’s important to have your analytics in place if you don’t know your numbers you cannot make decisions and you cannot manage your business right your numbers don’t run in years because that is you know putting money down the drain to Facebook enough money already so because you won’t be able to say okay this work then this didn’t work yeah yeah I’m looking at at the time because it’s almost already I know and we only covered the small introduction of anything related to traffic I think we can talk for weeks but I think we’ll leave the other questions and just ask if anybody who’s watching has some questions for us about traffic paid versus organic or anything else we discussed today yeah I’m also looking at the common in the coming weeks with a little focusing on specific topics so I is interested in a specific topic they can watch out for is the cop coming you guys in the coming weeks yeah so we will post a list of all the topics we will be talking about so it will be Facebook Ads Google Ads retargeting Pinterest search engine marketing I don’t think we have linked in various ways of the difference between all the different type of Facebook ads and Google Ads I’ll place a link of all the topics we will discuss inside the group mm-hmm and if anyone is watching the replay and there was any questions they can obviously comment and we’ll look at the comments and then they reply to any questions yes so someone is say many many questions but can’t come up with one right now that’s no problem so just let us know in the comments and we will get back to you with a typed comment yes definitely yeah so if nobody has any more questions then we are going to finish up I hope it was useful if you have any specific topics that you will like us to dive into in the coming weeks then also feel free to let us know because we would like to make this valuable for you so see you next week Thank You Sara Thank You Polly bye

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