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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Make Money Online

Hey hello everyone this is Diana Castillo for moneymaker calm and in this video it’s gonna be about affiliate marketing for beginners these are gonna be six mistakes that you need to avoid if you really want to make money online but before I get into the topic is this is a very first time you’re in my channel welcome please go ahead and subscribe to my channel do not forget to hit the notification bell I’m updating my channel pretty consistently and I usually talk about how to make money online passive income regeneration and traffic sources so is that something that you really want to go ahead and master please go ahead and subscribe to my channel do not forget to hit a notification bell and if you want to know what’s my number one recommendation to make money online I mean passive income I’m gonna lift the link below it’s gonna be the very first link in the description again let me go back to the topic as I told you I’m gonna be telling you about the sis McStays that you need to avoid if you really want to make money online number one you are not building an audience yes I know that sometimes you hear people that says like hey you know what I just jumped into this opportunity and I make ten thousand dollars overnight that’s cool that’s okay and that’s totally possible but the thing is that these people who are making money quote-unquote overnight true is that they do have an audience they have been working with our audience for years right and if you are not building an audience if you don’t have audience right now well no audience equals no money okay and the thing is that you need to understand that building an audience it’s not it’s something that it’s not gonna happen overnight okay the other thing is that you need to choose a platform or a way in which you’re gonna create it okay you need let’s say that okay I want to create a YouTube channel so I’m gonna be uploading videos pretty consistently oh no you know I feel more comfortable on Facebook so I’m gonna create now my Facebook group that is gonna be related to my niche right or maybe you are doing Instagram because you feel comfortable creating our eye catchy so you’re gonna be an influencer on Instagram okay so that’s something that you need to take into consideration the other thing is that you are not providing any kind of value okay you need to give us a reason why we need to be listening to you okay you need to understand that you’re gonna be building a relationship at the end of the day people buy from people they know they like and they trust okay and if you provide valuable information that’s a key point or a way in which you can create a relationship with them they’re gonna recognize you as an expert okay you don’t need to be a master in all but you need to be one step forward for your current audience okay so if you’re passionate about your niche that topics that you’re gonna cover chances are that you’re doing research every single day the thing that you can put is like whatever you learn you can use your own voice right you can share what you learn and that’s a good way to provide value the other thing is that you need to understand that people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy so if you’re providing them valuable information pretty consistently whenever you’re gonna do that pitch right and you’re gonna be promoting a product they understand like hey this guy or this guy they’re always provided me really volleyball tips so it’s logical that whenever they refer me to something it’s gonna be something that is gonna help me okay so if you are pitching pitching pitching and this is really important especially if you are doing emails right people are gonna be like whoa I better don’t open these emails but because every single time I receive an email from here over here it’s all about trying to sell me something again people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy okay I I really know how to emphasize this but stones stop spamming okay please stop spamming something well this is actually funny in a way every single time I ask people to leave me a comment if they they have some questions you know they have some comments here on my youtube channel so they can put it in the comment area but sometimes and this is getting often right there are people who are actually trying to pitch my audience and they’re putting that comments on my comment area on my videos right but the thing is that they don’t understand that YouTube understand that you’re in spamming and YouTube is not even sure where you’re coming okay and the other thing is that people there are other people who are reporting you okay because you are going to select that comment and you’re gonna click recess report so sooner rather than later your account is gonna be banned so this is super ineffective and you’re wasting ton of time okay you need to do marketing you need to do what I told you before you need to provide valuable information and you’ve been you need to be building on audience you’re gonna be doing what I call attraction marketing so people are gonna come to you rather than you chasing them the other thing is that how come do you think that people are gonna click on the link that it’s randomly there okay who are you okay people are more accepting URLs so that’s why I told you before you need to provide valuable information and you need to build your audience you need to build a relationship with your market another thing that this is a beginner mistake it’s that people are promoting unverified offers what do they mean by that that you are gonna be promoting products or services that you haven’t test or use yourself how come you’re gonna promote something that you haven’t test okay this is something that I emphasize a lot okay don’t be offering one thing because someone told you that that’s the best thing ever that’s gonna be the biggest thing ever no at least create a trial account use it for a month you know ask for a review copy if you can do it and verify that if it’s actually doable this is a great product it is a great service and if you decide it’s gonna be a product that you’re gonna be promoting right because at the end of the day it’s your name that it’s gonna be there right it’s you that you’re gonna be there offering these people something and you are not hundred pretty sure that’s gonna work and then people are gonna say they’re gonna say like oh this product is not the one that doesn’t work it’s this person who refers me to this product that it’s you know scammer it’s not what you told me yada yada yada okay so a boy promoting offering after an offer take care of your reputation make sure that you are testing whatever product or service you are gonna promote remember that this is a long-term gain okay so stop the shiny object syndrome focus and understand that this is a business and this is your a business okay take care of it last but not the least people are not building an email list okay people are not building on the emulous yeah I think we can I told you that you need to create an audience but you also need to capture those people’s emails it is a really bad idea if you’re not doing that wife because okay nowadays I can be on YouTube but I don’t know I can be doing something or maybe you to change their policies and then this kind but my account it’s going against her policies or maybe you have a Facebook group that is super active but you know bad people exist and they start reporting you YouTube or your group your Facebook group or maybe your Facebook page remember what happens to Facebook pages now they are not really relevant as they used to be before so now people are not getting that interaction so you understand social media is always changing a lot of people are telling me let’s like hey Deanna email marketing really you know market is dead well it’s not email marketing is not dead because guess what whenever the phone will send you and send you their bill it’s true email so you are used to receive important information on your email okay the other thing is that hey you don’t need on Facebook so if you are building your audience on Facebook Messenger and they decides to shut down your page what’s gonna happen yeah you’re gonna have a huge subscribers true messenger but you are not gonna be able to use messenger because that list was tied to that page right so you understand the concept right you understand that can spear but you own the list okay you own your email list the only thing that you need to do if you want to grow your email list faster is that you need to offer a lead magnet again you need to offer them available information that it’s gonna be or that they’re gonna get if they pay with their email or their name email address okay again once you have your email list you need to provide value value value value and then your grenade to provide an offer remember what I mentioned before it’s not about being pitching all day long okay so these are the five mistakes that people are doing online and these are the reasons why maybe you’re not doing money online or you might not be doing as much money as you actually should be

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