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How to use content to drive traffic to your affiliate offers if you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re just getting started then this is the video for you i neva Stacia kennedy¬† I love teaching and training people how to make money through affiliate marketing if it’s adding an additional revenue to your business or if you’re starting from scratch and you just want to learn how to make money online then this is the channel for you I have been doing this for over 10 years and I love teaching and training people how to do this so how do you create content and drive that traffic to your affiliate offers hopefully you’ve been watching my other videos affiliate marketing for beginners I’ll link it up here in the description and somewhere above here above my head but what you want to do is pick a couple of offers that you want to promote but now you need to start creating content okay so my favorite way to create content is through YouTube I love creating videos this is where I get my start I basically create kind of an outline of what I want to talk about and you can literally talk about anything and turn that into content that you can use to drive traffic to your offers and I basically do this by having a landing page so if you’ve seen my previous videos I create landing pages to capture my leads there are four different things that I want you to keep in mind that I will share with you in this video and this is the key principles that I hold dear in any any marketing so if you’re marketing any type of business any company whether it’s a network marketing company your own business if you want to start an affiliate marketing business these four things you need to know so keep keep keep with me throughout the whole video number one you need to see the people this is why I love social media right we have YouTube this is a way for me to get out my content my message I create content I put it on YouTube this is the social media platform I can also put my videos on Facebook I can network there I can you know basically this is number one getting your message out there see the people now you want to tell your stories now what do you say in these videos right what do you say in this content you want to tell a story because facts tell but stories sell so if you’re able to tell stories about why you got started help stories about the product the benefits how you came up with this product or service how you came across it what was the problems that you were experiencing really connect with people by telling stories about how your pain point or other people’s pain points and so that they can relate right people are like to relate to those stories and then you you basically tie that in to your product or service right so see the people tell your story build for an event so after you’re you know telling your story building for an event maybe sending them over to a landing page maybe a capture page or a webinar or a case a so that they can learn more in depth about your product and service so this is part of the funnel is you seeing the people you get your message out there is just like the entire bit part big part of the funnel the the overview of the entire funnel is getting that message out in front of the right people telling that story and then compelling people to opt-in to their your opt-in page and that’s how you’re going to build your list and that’s how you’re going to drive traffic to your offers see the people telling the story build for events by inviting them to a webinar or a opt-in page where you can now follow up fortune is in the follow up and that’s why you need to have an autoresponder and a landing page a capture page service you need to have these basic things in place to grow any business on line so that’s why you see in my videos I always talk about click funnels which is one of my favorite landing page creators I talk about Aweber as well which is an email autoresponder that will will integrate with quick click funnels but if you get click funnels the full Edison suite you won’t even need a weber so see the people tell the story build Corbin’s and follow-up and those are the two key platforms that I like to promote I think that is detrimental for people who want to grow their business online

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