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How to Rank on Page 1 of Bing | Bing SEO

– Google isn’t the only
search engine out there. There’s other searches
that are getting hundreds and hundreds of millions
of visitors a month, if not billions of visitors a month. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to teach you how to rank on page one of Bing. (calming music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. And if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. That way, every time I release new videos and educational tips like
this, you’ll get notified. I know I always cover
Google, and how to get the most out of Google, but look, Bing, even though it’s not the most popular search engine,
it’s still super popular. You can get millions of
visitors a month from Bing. I know sites that are, right now, that are dominating on Bing and literally get over million visitors a month. So, don’t just focus all your
time and attention on Google, you need to focus on Bing
as well, and that’s why, I have this video, is to walk you through step-by-step of how to rank on Bing. So let’s get started. Tip number one, unlike Google, on Bing, we found that exact match
domains perform even better than they do on Google. So if your domain is and you’re trying to rank for all the hotels terms, you’re going to do much better on Bing than you would on Google. Now, what we also found with Bing through experimentation is, we already know that, hey
all these prime domains, like, are taken or Cheaphotels or whatever it may be, but there’s many versions of it. There’s the .org, the .net
versions, there’s a .co versions. You can get any of these
extensions and still do well on Bing from everything that we tested. So, if you can’t find the
.com version, that’s okay. Don’t stop yourself there. Look for the exact match version that is any other extension, and
if you already have a site and you don’t want to do that, make sure your keywords are in URL. With Bing, we found that
a super important factor, cause we’re looking at the
domain name, as well as URL. So if your keywords aren’t in your URL, such as,
you won’t rank as highly for that term. The second tip I have for you is, don’t forget keyword usage
in the fundamental areas. So H1 Tag, Title Tag, Meta Description, your first paragraph of that page. If the keyword is on all the right places, and again to recap,
Title, Meta Description, Heading, First Paragraph, and of course, throughout the content as well, you’re much more likely
to do better in Bing. If you don’t have in all those places, like you skip out the Heading Tag, within the first few paragraphs, you won’t rank as well on Bing. Keyword placement from
everything that we’ve tested is very important. The third tip, just like Google, high quality content is super important. You don’t want to push
out mediocre content. Bing knows there’s too
much content to index, they’re in the same position as Google, in which, if the content’s not amazing, they don’t want to rank it. So before you write new
context, I always recommend checking out the Content
Ideas Report in Ubersuggest, where you can type in a
keyword and it shows you all the popular blog posts. You don’t want to just copy
what’s already popular, you want to have something
that’s new, fresh, but it’ll give you ideas of
what’s working and what’s not. You want to do more articles
like the stuff that’s working and less of the stuff that’s not working. The fourth tip I have for
you is leverage social media. Unlike Google, social media is much more important with Bing. They’ve publicly stated
how they use social signals to determine ranking. So you need more social
shares from Twitter, you need more social shares on Facebook, you need to get out there on LinkedIn. Microsoft owns LinkedIn,
keep that in mind. Microsoft also owns Bing. Microsoft was one of the first
early investors in Facebook. Right, so all these deals that they set up help them get access to this data. So if you don’t get the social shares, you’re not going to do well. Remember how I mention
in the previous tip, the Content Ideas Report in Ubersuggest? It shows you what content
people like and what they don’t. It breaks it down not just
based off of backlinks or search shaft, it also breaks it on based off of social shares. That’s again, really
important for this tip because, if you’re creating content that no one wants to share, you’re not going to do that well on Bing. But the moment you get
those social signals, we’ve found that if you get
them extremely fast, as well, you’re ranking starts
skyrocketing much quicker in Bing. Tip number five, leverage
Bing’s webmaster tools. Similar to how Google has webmaster tools, you’re probably not signed up
for Bing’s webmaster tools. This will tell you errors,
issues, anything wrong with your site, what you need to fix. You need to be leveraging
this on a regular basis. When you do this, you’ll
get more insights, more data, and it’ll help
you rank better on Bing because it’s not about what you see or what you think needs to be improved, their webmaster tools will tell you what changes you need to make, as well. The sixth tip I have for you
is focus on user experience. Bing, over the last few years
has making a big push on this. As someone doing a
search, clicking through on a result, and then
hitting the back button right away and bouncing
back from your site, are you getting people
what they’re looking for based on tech? Are they going to multiple
pages on your site? All of this is really helpful because if you’re providing the best experience, you’ll rank higher on Bing, and similar to Google,
they’re using things like brand queries, as well, and that all plays into user experience. If you don’t put a user first, you’ll find that, yes, in the short run you may get some decent rankings on Bing, but you won’t stay there. You need your user metrics to be amazing. And the last tip I have for you is check out the SEO
Analyzer Report on NeilPatel. It’ll analyze 150 pages
on your site for free, tell you what errors to
fix, the tool isn’t just optimized for Google, but
we’ve also created that tool so it’s optimized for Bing, as well. So if you go through
it, look for the errors, fix them all, and it’ll
break them down step-by-step, in recommendations, and
orders them in priority, and if you do it step-by-step, you’ll find that your rankings will be better on Bing over time, as well.

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